Be adaptable to change and respond the future with Digital at your core

Explore our Digital Transformation services to intensify your digital capabilities, modernize your operational processes and leverage the power of advance analytic. Nutec’s Digital Transformation Centrum (DTC) develops and executes the digital transformation strategies that put your plans, people and processes on the same platform aligned with your ultimate goals. As a result, you can cope with the changing market trends and efficiently respond the upcoming opportunities.

Digital Transformation consulting

  • Ideation and Conceptualization
  • Industry Scenario & Analysis
  • Digital Mapping for Business Processes
  • Strategic Transformation Roadmap

Digital Commerce

  • Customer Intelligence
  • SMO Commerce (Social Mobile Online)
  • Digital Supply Chain
  • Marketplace
  • Loyalty Programme

Implementing Digital transformation

  • Digital Platform Development
  • Workforce Collaboration Solutions
  • Custom Solutions
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • System Integration
  • Analytic Solutions

Value Added Services

  • Legacy Upgradation & Enhancement
  • Digital Interactions Ecosystem
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Enterprise Service Bus