Distribution Automation System

The client is a Kenya based leading company dealing in manufacturing and distribution of cooking gas cylinders in different sizes. The client was in need of a solution that automate their end to end distribution system in a proactive manner.


  • Nationwide huge distribution channel
  • Two type of distributors: The company & the individuals
  • Plan of controlling human time, and fuel used in distribution vehicle
  • Already had a complex back end system for long time and any function of it was not supposed to be changed


A Distribution Management Application +
a Mobile Application

of the

  • A complete Solution encompassing all the organizational needs along with future scalability
  • Technological robustness and scalability due to n tire architecture to enable the end to end digital transformation for distribution operations of the client
  • 100% dynamic and configurable solution to enables complete automation of end to end distribution process
  • Flawless integration with the client’s existing back end system
  • Centralized database with Multi Company Multi Location Concept
  • Barcode / QR code enabled real time stock view and stock maintenance
  • Robust Fleet Management component

Process flow

  • Distribution Management Solution (DMS) is going to be an stand alone application.
  • The geo-location enabled secured mobile application that needs to be download by the user from Play Store or Apple Store. The app has four aspects:
  •  The customer who can order the Gas Cylinder (item), view the purchase history, and pay online for the ordered item.
  • The delivery person who can view the date wise list of deliveries to be done along with the customer’s address and contact number. The person can view the delivery history as well.
  • Designated team members of The Client who will be able to manage customer services and administration of mobile app.
  •  The vendor who can who can order the Gas Cylinder (item) in bulk, veiw the purchase history, and pay online for the ordered items and handle credit management with The Client

Advantages to the Client:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Proactively streamlined delivery operations
  • 30% saving in fuel used by vehicles
  • 28% enhancement of human productivity