Web based Church Management Solution

The client is a UK based Church Authority who wanted to foster the communication across stakeholder groups while streamlining the church administrative operations.


  • Lack of clear lines of responsibility and accountability that to be reflected in solution
  • Lack of strong policies and procedures that are to be communicated and followed using the solution
  • Complex Property Management requirements
  • Sensitive information and legal alignment


We worked in closed coordination with the Church Authority and assisted them in defining acceptable and easy to follow procedures. After optimum brain storming we decided developed a Web Based Church Management Solution that can encompass each feature and function that can add value to operational system of the client.

Church Management Modules with custom, well configured work/process flows

  • Account Management
  • Finance Management
  • HR Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Donor Management
  • Membership Management
  • Communication tools
  • Giving Away and Event Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • Facility/Equipment Management
  • Check-in and child security management
  • BI and Analytic

Some characteristics of the solution:

  • All type of users easily can navigate and operate the useful features
  • Saves time and resources by efficiently handling operations in an automated manner Quickly generates accurate financial reports in both predefined and on demand methods
  • Provides actionable insights as a result of BI & analytic implemented across the solution
  • Has high level of security standards
  • Supports event based automated messaging (email and SMS) to members and visitors
  • Enables increased collaboration and coordination among all stakeholders
  • Facilitates outreach activities and accelerates growth in various aspects

Advantages to the Client:

  • Optimum resource utilization
  • Harmony between staff, volunteers and donors
  • Delightful attention to all visitors including senior citizens
  • Increased brand value of the church